Music, both playing and listening, is a huge part of my life. I dig Jazz, Improv Rock, Funk, Bluegrass, Classical, Progressive Rock, and Other Stuff. Now if only I could play it all! Some particular favorites have been Miles, Phish, and Stravinski. Lately (that is, late 1998) I've been on a huge Bill Laswell kick. I love his recent work; grooving baselines driving a funk/jazz/dub kinda sound. Following the Laswell muse has turned me onto such great stuff as Nicky Skopelitis, Jah Wobble, The Golden Palominos, and Material.

As far as playing goes, I've played lots of instruments, none of them particularly well. In the past few years I've been playing Bass, with some more success. Lately I've been playing a Peavy Foundation (that's it on the left) through a fantastic little SWR Studio 220 amp. I like the Peavy, but someday I'll probably find a new bass. I'll probably be looking at Modulus or Pedulla, or perhaps even have one custom made. I can think about it, at least...

A cool place for Bass players to hang out has been The Bottom Line - last I checked (two years ago or so at this point! Time flies...), it had lots of really great discussion, usually without the Flames of Usenet.